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I have a British Lab. She is wonderful and I’m sure if you’re reading this you probably have a furry companion and feel the same way! You may have a dog that is highly trained or maybe not! Maybe you have a dog who you hunt with.

Have you ever been interested in shed hunting? Wondered how to train your dog to enjoy this sport with you? Everything Shed Dog can give you a choice of affordable ways to start training for this new upcoming sport! What a wonderful way to get the entire family involved and keep Fido happy and active during the months that can drag on. Not only can this be a fun family activity it can help you keep track of the bucks on the property you hunt!  It has been explained to me that most dogs that have the retrieving instinct are great candidates for this training, and if they are already hunters Shed training won’t interfere with that training.

Everything Shed Dog not only carries the Shed training products they also have training kits for teaching blood tracking for large game. Please check with your local laws as it varies from state to state on what is allowed.

There are products on the site for everyday use and the special items a hunting dog requires! There are even products to help you display the sheds you’ll be finding!  If you find you really want to get more involved with Shed hunting be sure to check out their blog! They have information about competitions and so much more!

There is a lot to look at so give Everything Shed Dog a visit!

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