Blood Glow


This is the company and friend that gave me my start in outdoor industry. Blood Glow is where you will find the blood illuminating agent that Track Em’ started out selling years ago. Jerry knows this stuff inside and out and has taught me so very much.

The blood-illuminating agent will make even the blood that isn’t visible to the naked eye glow so you can recover a lost trail at night, and yes, even after the rain! This is great for the color blind also. You don’t need to mix it until you need it. If you have any questions you can contact Jerry from Blood Glow or myself . This is the real deal. FBI approved and used by law enforcement for crime scene investigating.

You will also find an assortment of products from Blood Glow from the blood-illuminating agent to Ghillie Suits. Need blood to train with? You can find that too! Jerry is also the author of BLOOD IN MOTION, a Forensic guide to blood tracking and this book can teach you about the art of tracking!

Jerry pays it forward by getting others into the outdoors. He leads several disabled hunts and fishing events every year. He is passionate about all he does. I am grateful that I can call him my friend and am proud of all that he does!

Save 15% on orders of $25 or more by using coupon code “trackem”.

Coupon code "trackem" saves 15% on orders over $25

Coupon code “trackem” saves 15% on orders over $25