Shed Training with Dog Bone system from Everything Shed Dog

Shed Hunting

Track Em’ is proud to be working with EVERYTHINGSHEDDOG and EVERYTHINGGUNDOG! Please use the COUPON CODE “trackem10” to save 10% on your order and let them know we are supporting all they do! Here is a small video Track Em’ put together to show our progress!  ENJOY!

It is still winter, and we are still training! I think she’s doing a great job and really has fun doing it despite the cold weather! We have found the boots (also from EverythingShedDog) are a huge help! She has adjusted quickly to them! She understands that when the boots come out we are going to have some fun!

Also enjoy our story in the blog section of EVERYTHINGSHEDDOG.COM, look for “from a Dog’s perspective” stories!

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Track Em’ has added two more great companies! EVERYTHING SHED DOG and EVERYTHING GUN DOG are sister sites to cover our four legged hunting partners! Use coupon code: trackem10 to save 10% on your order!

Track Em’ is in the process of following the DogBone  SHED DOG training kit. Our British Lab, Reba, is loving it! Reba also upland bird hunts. She enjoys swimming, hunting, frisbee, dock jumping (just for fun) and being a great family dog! We are excited to expand on the activities we can do with her!

It has been explained to me that any breed can train to be a shed dog. If they have the desire to retrieve they have the capability to learn the sport of shed hunting! Not only can it be another great way to spend time with your best hunting buddy and can help you realize the potential of your hunting land.

The training kit we are using has a six week program. Some will catch on quicker and others might take a while longer. Just like us human folk there is a learning process and we all learn at a different pace! Make it fun and enjoy the new “game” with you four legged

Shed training Reba with the DogBone system from Everythingsheddog

Shed training Reba with the DogBone system from Everythingsheddog