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Track Em’ Works for All with Discounts, Coupons, and More

Thought you might like a little more information on how Track Em’ works for everyone!

5 years ago we developed Track Em’ as an online store and offered great products. Since then, we transformed Track Em’ to offer savings to everyone in the hunting, fishing and outdoor industries! This transformation allows us to offer so much more with discounts and coupons for you!

I have met several people in the hunting/fishing/outdoor industry! There are so many great folks involved, but as much as I hate to say it, there are some not-so-great folks too! I have learned some lessons, and I’m sure I will continue to do so! That’s life, one big lesson!

Track Em’ now strives to promote products, companies, events and services that I believe in and have tried out first! On the website you can read the reviews. The companies I have chosen to work closer with have a discount, coupon, or freebie available for you! Track Em’ works on commission with these companies. Every time you let these companies know that Track Em’ sent you to their site it helps Track Em’ be able to grow, helps these companies get known, and saves you something. I consider that a win for all of us involved!

 I continue to meet new people and companies so be sure to stay tuned! Check the blog on the website for the newest discounts, information and some fun! Join me on the Track Em’ Facebook page and @trackembiz on Twitter! These social sites will also update you on any new additions and have frequent reminders of who I am proud to promote! Sometimes I even run some pretty cool contests. I also love to get to know people on these networks so feel free to comment, post photos, and just interact! Join the Track Em’ email list too, this is new and should be exciting!

I also work with some of these companies to help make larger connections. If after visiting you see a company you would like to be further involved with feel free to contact me and I can help make the connection. If you own a retail store and would like some of their products, I can help in most cases, this is just one example of how I can help. I also like to get to know new companies and am willing to get to know you to see if there is a way we can work together further, so don’t hesitate to contact me!

I love getting to know so many great people who take part in the outdoors! Camping, fishing, hunting, or any way to spend time out in nature and enjoy what’s there makes for a great hobby or passion. So get out there and try to introduce as many people as you can! ENJOY!